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Re: Draft: simple update description guidelines

Mail Lists wrote:

 A "vote" is simply a compact way of expressing an opinion - yes it is
more useful to add comments  as well, however a numerical opinion does
not exclude that. Encourage communication not discourage.

 > Focus on the issue and the information - not on how people choose to
 > express it - the 'how' is largely tangential and detracts from the
 > issues at hand.

People who vote tend to use it as a replacement for more useful feedback and to try and shout down a proposal. Even looking in this thread, it would be evident, why I discourage voting. Not all communication is useful. Especially communication that doesn't move beyond taking cheap shots in irc and emails as has been happening the last couple of days in response. I don't find "how" as tangential especially when it is used a excuse to be unnecessarily rude.

Jesse Keating tried to educate people by publically calling out offenders. It doesn't scale and sometimes a cultural misfit. I prefer documenting things instead. Less second guessing for everyone involved.


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