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Re: Lack of update information

Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:
> [Detailed VM/time measurements]


> What I actually would like to know is which impact switching to
> e.g. bzip2 or lzma compressed payloads would have on end-users.
> I.e. answers/input related to
> * disk-space requirements
> Would such step shrink the isos rsp. give room on isos?

It should, but not by very much.

> * end-user's throughput during downloads.
> In the past, there have been claims, bzip2 compression would have
> negative impacts on network-throughput because it would defeat
> low-level compression on networks (e.g. modems, isdn). Is this claim
> true, can it be verified, how about lzma and friends?

This is probably nonsense, modems and such use a variant of the original
compress(1), which won't be able to compress gzip(1)ed data any better than
shiny-new-compression-ed data.

> * rpm's installation times/memory requirement (time required for
> decompression, memory being used during decompression).
> bzip2 has quite

bzip2(1) uncompression requires a lot more RAM and CPU than gzip(1).
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