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Re: Lack of update information

Jesse Keating wrote:
> That's the kind of elitist crap attitude I hate to see in Fedora.
> I agree that broadband should be a requirement for using /rawhide/ where
> the churn is expected to be great, however I refuse to agree that we
> should treat our /stable/ releases in the same way.

Guess what, people like me are using Fedora *because* of its many updates.
That's its niche. If we start pushing only minimal updates, what
distinguishes us from Ubuntu? They also release every 6 months. Having all
distros work the same way means we're all forced to use the "common
denominator" even if it doesn't fit our needs at all.

IMHO people with slow Internet connections are served much better by CentOS:
few updates (only security updates and the occasional bugfix) and no need
to upgrade to a new release (which they have to buy on media, most likely)
at least once a year.

We can try to serve those people with features like Presto (and IMHO it
should have a much higher priority, as it indeed lowers the bar for the
bandwidth requirements and it'll also help mirrors and speed up downloads
for everyone) and LZMA payloads, but dropping one of Fedora's main
distinguishing features just to accomodate low-bandwidth users is really
throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

        Kevin Kofler

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