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Re: Lack of update information

Denis Leroy wrote:
> Below is the ChangeLog of gtkmm-2.15.0, which I pushed to rawhide a
> while ago. How would you summarize it to Bodhi ?

Ugh, doesn't upstream provide a more user-readable list of changes? IMHO
they should get that complaint...

And it's true that it's particularly hard to summarize bugfixes in a library
(like that printer signal proxy fix) without knowing a concrete application
bug they fix.

In any case, try this:

Update to the latest upstream release, 2.15.0, which fixes the use of some
deprecated APIs and header files (which caused programs using gtkmm with
GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED to fail to build) and a bug in the printer signal
proxy which could cause application crashes (the printer object was being
unreferenced at an inappropriate place), adds some new APIs which may be
required to compile new gtkmm-using software:
* GtkHandleBox::child-attached (signal) and GtkLinkButton::visited
(property), which were accidentally missing in 2.14.x
* unset_model() methods for GtkCellView, GtkComboBox, GtkEntryCompletion,
GtkIconView and GtkTreeView
* a parameterless version of GtkWindow::invalidate()
* GtkCellRendererPixbuf::icon-name and GtkCellRendererPixbuf::follow-state
and includes some minor documentation fixes.

But I'll admit this took me several minutes to write.

        Kevin Kofler

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