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Re: PackageKit application icons

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Rick L. Vinyard, Jr. (rvinyard cs nmsu edu) said:
>> Ahhh... I see that now, and they're already there.
>> It's a shame that's the only mechanism for adding icons. I'd like to see
>> something other than cardboard boxes when looking for devel packages.
> The problem is you'd either need to:
> - include icons in the metadata (which gets very large, very fast)
> - create a package that consists of all the icons that may be in
>   the distro (which gets very messy to maintain, very fast)
> Neither of these are particularly good solutions.

I agree that neither of those are good solutions, but there is another

Currently, the icons reside in each package and the desktop entry file
(also in the individual packages) is used to associate the package with
the icon.

Why couldn't devel packages (and others without desktop entry files)
follow a similar approach containing the icon and association?

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