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Re: New package from one source

Rahul Sundaram write:
Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote:

I'm afraid I don't completely understand you. About what maintenance load you are speaking?
Is there any polices or guidelines about it?

Any upstream deviation usually causes a higher maintenance load since the downstream patch set has to be re-based for every upstream release. For a active project like Apache, you should focus on getting the patches integrated upstream and benefiting all downstream distributions and not just Fedora.

For guidelines and policies refer


Hello Rahul,
Thank you for the big work what you make writing this document (second link). And most of this things is basically known. As I mention above, what about your first link - main apache rpm package fully ignore this guidelines!

But why you are not consider Steinar H. Gunderson as upstream amintainer of apache mpm-itk??? In any case, as maintainer of package I take care about maintenance load by this rpm. As I remember, it had not any urgent issues with adaptation to current releases of apache for the past year or even more.

P.S. I'm write mail to Steinar H. Gunderson with question why it is not in upstream...

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