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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

Robert Scheck wrote:
> But mostly the Red Hat guys are lacking massive
> RPM knowledge and ignore Guidelines [snip].

Can we please be done with this kind of blanket statements as well as "Red Hat
vs the community" comments?  They are derogatory, demoralizing, and border on
offensive.  And after the third time, simply frustrating.  Red Hat has some of
the best engineers in the world, perhaps some of the worst if you wish, and
most probably a lot of average ones.  So what?

Most of what is seen as "Red Hat guys are bad at packaging" is simply baggage
held from the Core days.  Unfortunately (for us "Red Hat guys") most Core
packages were simply thrown upon us as part of our job.  I would never
*volunteer* to do packaging, as that's not what I'm best at.  If someone wants
to go ahead and take maintainership of all my packages, I very well appreciate
it.  I'm sure many other "Red Hat guys" are in the same boat.

proud Red Hat employee, poor package maintainer, RPM n00b.

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