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Re: what requires fedora-release-notes

>>>>> "JS" == Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> writes:

JS> Can you explain why you are rebuilding fedora-release?

Because I need to replace the set of repos contained within that

JS> I thought we provided generic-release package so that you don't
JS> have to rebuild fedora-release as part of customization.

Doing that buys me nothing.  Because fedora-relase contains more than
just the repos, I have to start with the base package for each release
or I risk missing out on things like system-release-cpe or changes in
the way keys are handled.  So I would still have to check
fedora-release out of CVS, copy the bits somewhere, modify it for my
custom stuff, and build it.  That's actually another step over just
doing the checkout, patching the fedora-release spec and doing make

Either way I'm rebuilding fedora-release.  If the only issue is
whether I rename the package, I'm not going to bother.  Now, if the
repos would be split out so that I can provide my own without having
to mess with fedora-release, then that would be ideal but my use case
is pretty narrow so I can understand why the suggestion did not
manage any traction.

 - J<

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