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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

Robert Scheck wrote:
On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Brian Pepple wrote:
This is all a moot point now though, since a couple of weeks ago FESCo
approved a proposal to reset the initial seeding of the provenpackager
group with Packaging Sponsors, and Jesse has made a proposal(1) on
guidelines for approving someone to the provenpackager group.

     1. https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2009-January/msg01573.html

Again, Jesse's proposal still keeps the same issues, just puts up new
guidelines and enforces nothing. Provenpackager is to critical to just
handle it just using guidelines and by a single provenpackage sponsor.
The approval of multiple (many) sponsors is needed before a packager
can get a provenpackage one - and this is what my proposal is about...


As everyone is so afraid of the damage provenpackager can do I want to propose something else: Provide a possibility for maintainers to open their package for ***EVERY*** packager. I would love to do this. And do you know why? Because I want to see some community growing and people trying to fix things even if they DO mistakes. How can someone learn if he didn't try to do it? I would prefer if someone fix 3 things and break one because I will have to fix only 1 thing not 3 :). And after pointing the problem to the author it won't happen again ( I believe). P.S. Please don't tell me that I don't care for this packages because I'm upstream author for this packages and I invested my free time in them before started at Red Hat.

Alexander Kurtakov

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