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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Alexander Kurtakov wrote:
> Provide a possibility for maintainers to open their package for  
> ***EVERY*** packager. I would love to do this.  And do you know why?
> Because I want to see some community growing and people trying to fix  
> things even if they DO mistakes. How can someone learn if he didn't try  
> to do it?

No - no - no. I won't do that.

Too many packagers, even provenpackagers (it don't want to point on latest
unwanted package touching by provenpackager for example) are "fixing" spec
files or packages by breaking it afterwards and this never sh all happen.

Fedora is not (or at least shouldn't be) the playground of/for unknowledged
packagers. And with your suggestion you're trying to make it that.

Ask e.g. the FAS users ixs, cwickert or red about getting packages unwanted
"fixed" by packagers or even provenpackagers (see Cc:).

As long as our provenpackager policy is not really fixed, I won't change
any of my packages to allow provenpackager commits. Instead I will even
suggest to close packages in Fedora pkgdb and avoid provenpackager commits.

> I would prefer if someone fix 3 things and break one because I will have  
> to fix only 1 thing not 3 :). And after pointing the problem to the  
> author it won't happen again ( I believe). 

Feel free to allow provenpackager commits for your packages, for mine you
will have to file a bug report, that I can review it and avoid the mistake
you maybe did somewhere when actually try to fix something. Four eyes are
seeing much more than only two do.


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