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Re: Lack of update information

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
It's a fair point that not many users would decline the update just
because it doesn't fix a bug which affects them. It's not so much about
decision making, it's about having some explanation as to why the update
is important.

If it's a bugfix release, it's important. period. Bodhi has a combobox that specifies that. Whether the bug fix will affect a particular user or not if nearly impossible to determine.

If PackageKit pops up tells you there are 50 updates pending, it's much
nicer if you can scan through the descriptions and come away with the
conclusion that "oh, there's a bunch of important fixes in there" rather
than "this is just a bunch of gratuitous updates, but if I don't apply
them all I might miss something important".

The necessary vs unnecessary update is a completely different problem, although it's also addressed by the draft and that's causing an overreaction on the documentation side. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees that updates to stable releases should be picked carefully by packagers.


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