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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

Debarshi Ray wrote:
>> Most of what is seen as "Red Hat guys are bad at packaging" is simply baggage
>> held from the Core days.  Unfortunately (for us "Red Hat guys") most Core
>> packages were simply thrown upon us as part of our job.  I would never
>> *volunteer* to do packaging, as that's not what I'm best at.  If someone wants
>> to go ahead and take maintainership of all my packages, I very well appreciate
>> it.  I'm sure many other "Red Hat guys" are in the same boat.
> Maybe you could drop a mail on the fedora-devel-list listing the names
> of the packages that you want to give up and solicit for new owners.
> That is the process usually people have adopted in the past.

I'm not actively seeking giving away my packages.  I'm fine with them as long
as they don't demand too much time from me.  But I'll just hand them off as
soon as a Fedora contributor shows up and wants to make non-trivial changes in
them.  That's for example how I handed some of my font packages to Nicolas, or
my entire ogg vorbis stack to Hans.  The point being: I am no the bottleneck /
problem / ... with these packages.  The same holds true about many other
ex-core packages and RH "guys".  Just stop attacking us.


> Cheerio,
> Debarshi

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