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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

Le Jeu 29 janvier 2009 14:29, Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) a écrit :

> In fact, I learned much more on packaging during the review of my
> packages than when I created them. That's because when you're new, it
> can be really hard to understand what those items mean. But when the
> reviewer says:
> - this item:
>   => FAIL because blahblahblah
> Then you think "oh, that's what this was supposed to mean ?".
> I'm not sure I made myself clear, but I do think that detailed reviews
> are necessary. This has nothing to do with the trust we have in
> packagers / sponsors, but with the submitter's trainship.

Of course, failures need to be communicated to the packager with
lotsof details :)

I was objecting to the notion that evaluating a review could be done
on a long list of self-declared OKs.

Nicolas Mailhot

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