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Re: Package Review Stats for the week ending January 18th, 2009

Debarshi Ray wrote:

Quite true. Recently I did a merge review [1] where among other things
I mentioned the absense of %{?_smp_flags} while building the package.
The owner fixed most of the things but just left it out saying that he
can not be bothered about such irrelevant things. I do not know about
its relevance, but there is another merge review [2] where shared
libraries are being installed without invoking ldconfig, and the
maintainer does not care to respond even a month even though I
provided a patch to fix most of the issues.

If you have commit access, drop a mail and commit them directly. Most maintainers are overflowing in bugzilla mails and there is the delicate dance between Fedora and RHEL priorities. On the plus side, people are usually open to co-maintainers or even a take over.


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