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Re: TeXlive 2008 in Fedora 11?

Le jeudi 29 janvier 2009 à 20:52 +0100, Kevin Kofler a écrit :
> Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> > Not necessarily in this case. From a thousand miles up, the process of
> > creating texlive upstream basically involves taking packages from ctan
> > and assembling them into the texlive tree using various scripts
> > (notably ctan2tl and ctan2tds and others) which is then used to create
> > the texlive distribution. I've been wondering if it would be possible
> > to adapt these scripts to be used during RPM build time to package
> > upstream ctan tarballs. More work needed though. An approach like this
> > is worth considering though I think. Of course, this applies to
> > packages and fonts mainly, not the tex binaries.
> And who handles the dozens of review requests? Our review queue is already
> flooded!

Not having a human check the license of each file is what got us into
legal problems in the first place.

Nicolas Mailhot

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