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Re: TeXlive 2008 in Fedora 11?

>>>>> "ATH" == Alec T Habig <habig neutrino d umn edu> writes:

ATH> If texlive is such a can of worms, why not "downgrade" to tetex?

Is there some reason to believe that tetex was any better in this

ATH> That's still the RHEL tex solution.  As a latex user, I noticed
ATH> no functional difference between the two other than that I have
ATH> to go re-setup local configuration stuff when fedora changed from
ATH> tetex to texlive.

I have had various users here (the math department at a large
university) who have issues with either bugs or missing packages in
tetex that are solved by texlive.  The TeX mindset is that you must
always have every package in existence installed because you must
always be able to compile every document you might ever come across,
so random missing packages actually do cause problems for some users.

 - J<

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