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Re: TeXlive 2008 in Fedora 11?

Jason L Tibbitts III writes:
> Is there some reason to believe that tetex was any better in this
> regard?

Only that I assume RH's lawyers are more rabid about licenses than
Fedora's, having a giant market capitalization to protect.

Of course, if spot's actually the point man for both, then all bets are
off :)

> I have had various users here (the math department at a large
> university) who have issues with either bugs or missing packages in
> tetex that are solved by texlive. 

I'm sure that the actively maintained version is better than the
orphaned one overall.  But, if licensing issues crept into the new that
weren't in the old one (which did pass muster at some point, anyway),
having some version of tex available is infinitely better than no

Of course, if removed from Fedora the rpms will fork over to a
third-party repository somewhere anyhow, but that's sub-optimal for an
application that's been a core part of unix since long before linux
wandered on to the scene.

After all, without tex how would we compile the nethack manual?  :)

 	    Alec Habig, University of Minnesota Duluth Physics Dept.
	    		    habig neutrino d umn edu

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