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Re: look at this: samsung nc10 bootchart with mobil V2

Christoph Höger wrote:
Hey there,
hereby starting the next "what services are really needed" flamewar ;).

No, really, have a look at that bootchart:


They claim that their netbook boots in 7-8s with moblin alpha.
Ok, they start xfce instead of gnome/kde but just think of booting that
thing into gdm. This would already completely exceed the 10s startup
feature of fedora 12.

And look at what they start: udev, hal, dbus, all those things that tend
to slow down boot are there (well, no sendmail daemon).

So how can they do that?

This model has a SD card. Such a card is big enough to use as you /boot partition (i.e. big enough to store your kernel, initrd, ramdisk etc). This configuration will boot much faster than off a hard drive. Embedded linux systems boot just as quickly if you use the same type card for your boot partition. You then use a ramdisk for the root fs. This is the model which most embedded systems that run linux use. They boot fast and run fast. Usually you run the root fs in ram and mount only /usr and /home off a real hard drive.


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