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Re: look at this: samsung nc10 bootchart with mobil V2

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Brian Maly (bmaly redhat com) said: 
All UEFI systems Ive worked with boot incredibly fast.

You're lucky, is all I can say. All the one's I've tried (from old Itaniums,
which are close enough, and new servers, which are UEFI) are very slow.

Agreed. Old EFI was slow as a snail. But UEFI  (aka EFI 2.0) is another matter. Its designed to be faster even without Fastboot.

And further the  
Intel Moblin V2 Core's feature Fastboot on top of being UEFI (read the  
specs on this hardware).

That might make sense, if Moblin V2 Core was a hardware spec. It's not:


Furthermore, those were stock non-EFI hardware platforms in the demo.
Unless you're saying that the Moblin ISO silently replaces your BIOS
with UEFI. Which would be entertaining.


The Intel Moblin V2 core is UEFI and not legacy BIOS. The result is you would get to the bootloader in about 2 seconds from powering up the system, Admittedly this isnt demonstrated in video. Most of what you see there is due to booting of flash and pruning and reordering of boot sequence.


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