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Re: look at this: samsung nc10 bootchart with mobil V2

Matthew Garrett wrote:
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 12:07:44PM -0500, Brian Maly wrote:

All UEFI systems Ive worked with boot incredibly fast. And further the Intel
Moblin V2 Core's feature Fastboot on top of being UEFI (read the specs on this
hardware). Further, all LinuxBIOS systems Ive worked with boot just as fast.
Its not smoke and mirrors. Systems are completely capable of booting this
quickly. Believe what you want though.

The latest Vaio Z-series machines have an Insyde H2O UEFI firmware with 
BIOS compatibility. The boot time is not noticably faster. I /believe/ 
that the Aspire One is based on the same platform, so is technically an 
EFI machine - however, there doesn't appear to be any means of actually 
booting through it (rather than the compatibility layer) so the 
difference is pretty academic.

Good info on the Vaio Z-series.  Out of curiosity, is there a UEFI shell/console accessible on the Acer One?  Or is this permanently in legacy BIOS compatibility mode? Dont know if you actually know or have access to the hardware...


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