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Re: Too many unowned directories

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 21:26 +0000, Miloslav Trma� wrote:
Jesse Keating píše v Pá 30. 01. 2009 v 13:22 -0800:
Why not fail the build if unowned directories are found, just like we do
for unowned files?  That way you catch it at build time before you try
and do something useful with the build.
How do we determine which directory is unowned and which is provided by
a dependency?  If we don't, every package would have to own /usr.

Good point, since we don't install the Requires at the same time we're
installing the BuildRequires to do the build that would be harder.
But not for a computer ;)

Would there not be a post-build or pre-publish prcess that could be used to determine whether things like this are correct, and return a 'build is not publishable' error to the maintainer. Sort of like mock but for the install ?

I'm guessing that is how Michaels tests work; could they become part of the infrastructure ?

BTW, is it generally config dirs where the unowned dirs are found ?


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