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Re: Reminder: Do not use trademarks in Summary or Description

On 2009-01-31 at 6:31:46 -0500, drago01 <drago01 gmail com> wrote:
> > Since these packages are bound to those trademarked names/patented
> > > devices there should be a way to say thier proper name (fair use).
> > > Software written to work with logithek should be described as such,
> > > because the vendor decided to call thier product logithek. I don't see
> > > another way to say this without the trademarked name.
> Nobody said that logitech should not be used in the name.
> You should not say that your software _Is_ logitech and don't use (R) or (TM).

Drago01 is correct. You can continue to use trademarks, within the
bounds of fair use. You just shouldn't be marking them with "(R)" or
"(TM)" (or TM, or the unicode equivalents, etc, etc).

As to the greater question of "restricting" Fedora contributors outside
the US, unfortunately, that's how it has to work. Fedora is Red Hat's
legal responsibility, and Red Hat is a US based company. This is why we
have repositories like RPMFusion.

Hopefully, software patents and broken US laws like the DMCA will be
overturned in my lifetime, and we will be able to minimize the need for
such flaming hoops.


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