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Re: an update to automake-1.11?

Mark McLoughlin wrote:
On Wed, 2009-07-01 at 12:50 +0200, Ondřej Vašík wrote:
Mark McLoughlin wrote:
On Wed, 2009-07-01 at 09:02 +0200, Ondřej Vašík wrote:
Owen Taylor wrote:
I was rather surprised to see:


Where the automake was upgraded to 1.11 for F9, F10, and F11.
Upgrade on F-11 (and F-10) was requested because there are some projects
(like gnulib/coreutils) which really need automake 1.11 for build in
latest stable versions.
Is there a bug report with details of this gnulib/coreutils request?
Not really, it was just direct irl/irc/mail communication with
automake/autoconf fedora maintainers&comaintainers. First request was
only about 1.10b in rawhide (after f-12 split) - as I needed at least
1.10b to build coreutils-7.4 there (otherwise only with an ugly hack).

Okay, but what exactly are we talking about here? What does gnulib or
coreutils need that 1.10 doesn't have?
coreutils' automake configuration uses features which are not available before automake-1.11 (rsp. post automake-1.10 devel snapshots)

A rebase of an important package in three stable releases, which is
expected to break rebuilds of some packages,
No, it doesn't. It's simply that developing coreutils now requires a specific version of the autotools.

This is not much different from demands of many other projects, which also require specific versions.

The only difference is coreutils requiring a very recent automake, due to it exploiting a new feature and not a specific, older version due to suffering from compatibility issues, like most other such cases do.

should surely have more
justification than an empty update description, no associated bugzilla
and claims that Jim Meyering needs some unspecified new features.
Well, these new features have been introduced to automake, primarily due to Jim Meyering's initiative/pressure.

I guess hardly anybody but him is currently using these features.


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