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Re: FESCo meeting summary for 2009-06-26

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> 1) You argue that the name 'Desktop' makes people think that it contains
> *all possible desktops*.

I'm arguing that people will either think that or (more likely) that GNOME
is the only possible desktop (a misconception which the "featuring the
GNOME desktop" small print wouldn't fix either). Now technically they'd in
both cases think that it contains "all possible desktops" (if they think
there's just one, it would be "all possible"), but the distinction is
important because:

> Given that to assume that you'd already have to know of other desktops,
> then you would already know what the 'KDE fans...' text means,
> or know what the long list of things on the torrent pages are.

... this is not true in the second case.

> 2) I feel that changing the name on get-fedora doesn't give any benefits;
> it adds verbiage that's *already there* in the description.

Having in the title would be clearer (see also the above) and make sure the
information appears everywhere, not just on that page.

> 3) On get-fedora-all... you're coming from a page (#2) that already
> describes it as being GNOME.

Except if you go (e.g. from some link on some other site) directly to
get-fedora-all because the fancy page hides 5 of the 7 primary options (it
would be 7 of 9 if we started shipping PPC Live CDs, which is now
technically possible as of F11).

> 3) If you're talking about torrent.fp.o, the descriptions on that are so
> bad that there are a whole host of things that need fixed before one
> filename.

Still, having "GNOME" in the name would at least make it automatically show
up there and everywhere else.

        Kevin Kofler

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