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Re: KSplice in Fedora?

On 06/30/2009 06:23 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> The average home user turns his/her computer off when going to sleep, so
> he/she reboots at least once per day.

Can we measure this?  My anecdotal evidence says most home users walk
away from the computer and let the default power management settings do
whatever they do, so they don't have to worry about rebuilding their
workspace state every day.  Even laziness is sufficient to explain that
behavior - few GUI environments can shut down without getting the user
involved in making decisions about unsaved changes, terminating stuck
apps, etc.  I realize the plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data', however,
so it would be helpful to have some data.  My netbook has low uptimes
because it keeps getting hosed on resume from disk, not because I shut
it down.

As far as the right thing to do to 'save the earth', there are a bunch
of variables.  'How much power does it take to keep DRAM fresh?' vs.
'How much power does it take to book an OS from power-hungry hard
drives'.  Some new RAM types in the work don't need DRAM refreshes.
Engineer down the power cost 'till it's negligible.  Linux could come up
with some sort of COW-like scheme to start running out of
suspend-to-disk space instead of restoring to RAM first (then you can
suspend to flash, e.g.), etc.

And none of that addresses the macroeconomic opportunity cost of
final-solution energy research as a function of GDP as a function of
productivity (but now I'm completely off-topic).

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