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[ANNOUNCEMENT] dracut-0.3

Here it is, dracut-0.3!

Featuring booting from all kind of block devices, NFS, iSCSI and NBD.

Dracut is a new initramfs infrastructure. It should replace nash/mkinitrd.
Dracut is a feauture for Fedora 12 http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Dracut

How to get started, if you want to test.

# yum install dracut-0.3

To generate a initramfs image, run:

# dracut <imagename> <kernel version>

to overwrite an existing image:

# dracut -f <imagename> <kernel version>

Try to boot from that image by modifying /etc/grub.conf. Be sure to have a fallback entry.

If you want to boot from network have a look at the manpage.
Basically everything can be specified on the kernel command line.

Bug reports can be send directly to me (harald redhat com) until dracut appears in the bugzilla component list.

Further information about dracut:

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