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Re: an update to automake-1.11?

Jim Meyering wrote:

> I try to accommodate progressiveness, when the benefit appears to
> outweigh the risk.
ACK. The risk of an automake-1.10->automake-1.11 upgrade on Fedora is close to zero and outweigh the effects of bug fixes having gone into automake-1.11.

So far, I know of no incompatibility
that would require any manual work.
I am not aware of any, either.

The latest major breakage with autoconf/automake, I encountered was introduction of AC_ENABLE/DISABLE_OPTION_CHECKING, which causes irritating warnings when not being treated manually.

However this was introduced by autoconf, not automake, and is more a nuissance but a regression.

But even if there are a few corner
cases, anyone who cannot find the time for whatever small changes are
needed to update to automake-1.11 can install an older version and
use that.
The fact "make V=..." uses an unprefixed/non-namespace safe environment variable is a candidate to cause problems. Admitted, the likelihood of older packages tripping over this is close to null.


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