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Re: ppc64 assistance

Peter Robinson wrote:
Unrelated to this issue, but please use "make V=1" so we see the actual
build command lines in the build.log (see the thread about the new
With V=1

AFAIS, your spec doesn't seem to pass RPM_OPT_FLAGS correctly, as well as
does the package seems to play dirty games with CFLAGS. I haven't checked
details, though.

FWIW: Build breakdowns on ppc64 often are caused by not passing
RPM_OPT_FLAGS correctly or a package playing dirty games with

The dirty games were to try and work out this issue with PPC64 (it
built fine on the rest of them)

Well, this is expected ;)

AFAICT, on the ppc64, the default/implicit -mXXX flags in GCC diverge from what is in RPM_OPT_FLAGS, so you end up with incorrectly compiled binaries, if not correctly passing through RPM_OPT_FLAGS.

Conversely, if not passing RPM_OPT_FLAGS, one often gets away with "no build-breakdowns" on all targets, but is facing the kind of issue your are facing on the ppc64.

Furthermore, several GCC flags people are using in dirty CFLAGS tricks often actually are target-specific, which will cause build-breakdowns on more exotic target. -ggdb is one of these non-portable options, but I am not sufficiently familiar with RH's ppc64 to be able to judge if -ggdb is valid on RH-ppc64.


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