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Re: TeX Live 2008 available for testing

On Saturday 27 June 2009 13:41:42 Jindrich Novy wrote:
> Good news everyone!
> I've invented a device that installs TeX Live 2008 on your Fedora!
> </futurama>
> TeX Live 2008 is now packaged and available for testing. It is not in
> Fedora yet because it requires reviews of couple of packages. But you
> can test it before it happens.

First of all I would like to thank for the amazing job you have done. Even if 
most of the work is automatically generated it is not an easy task by any 
measure. :-)

With all that work coming for F12 it would be a bonus if we could come with a 
set of rules for packaging tex projects. Those guidelines could then go to FPC 
for approval.

With the amount of packages coming now is the time to get this right.

One of the issues discussed before but never set is the name space to be used. 
If I remember the rough consensus was to name packages as
tex-packagename or even tex-latex-packagename.

Even the packages retain the same name as they are now in your repo you could 
add a (virtual) Provides so that if later, for any reason, we change the tex 
distribution we don't need to change every involved package.

What is your plan? To use the wiki Feature page as the place of contact for 
further actions or something else...

> Thanks,
> Jindrich

José Abílio

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