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Mass-Package Orphanage

Hi All,

I'm orphaning a bunch of packages for various reasons, mainly though
-ENOSPARETIME to update.  Although there are some mono packages there and
I definately don't have enough time to make them work properly.

Mono Packages:

f-spot -- Photo management application
ndesk-dbus -- Managed C# implementation of DBus
ndesk-dbus-glib -- Provides glib mainloop integration for ndesk-dbus

PHP Based Packages:
php-pecl-json -- PECL library to implement JSON in PHP

horde -- The common Horde Framework for all Horde applications
imp -- The Internet Messaging Program: webmail access to IMAP/POP3 accounts
ingo -- The Horde web-based Email Filter Rules Manager
jeta -- Horde Java SSH module
kronolith -- The Horde calendar application
turba -- The Horde contact management application

Mediawiki Related:
mediawiki-Cite -- An extension to provide Citation tools for Mediawiki
mediawiki-SpecialInterwiki -- An extension to provide an interwiki
management system

I'm going to be marking them as Orphaned over the next day (hopefully now,
but just in case I don't get them all right away).



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