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Re: Mass-Package Orphanage

>>>>> "DS" == Dodji Seketeli <dodji redhat com> writes:

DS> Interesting. I thought people were obliged to submit _new_
DS> packages to request sponsorship,

Any user can request sponsorship without doing anything.  That doesn't
mean they're going to get it, of course.  It is the sponsor's
responsibility to monitor and mentor the person they've sponsored, and
they make the decision about who they wish to sponsor.  (And here I'm
talking about the packager group only, not any other group which also
has sponsors and which may have their own rules.)  It is true that one
significant path to this is the submission of new packages.  I don't
think you'll find it anywhere documented that the only possible path
is the submission of new packages.

DS> Out of curiosity, could you point me to a reference documentation
DS> that explains the process to sponsor a co-maintainer who is not a
DS> fedora packager already ?

If you're a sponsor, you just go to the account system and sponsor
them (assuming they've already applied, of course).  The procedure
isn't any different than any other situation where someone is
sponsored into a group.

DS> The only link I was aware of was this one:
DS> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/Join#Make_a_Package,
DS> where it's stated: "You should make sure that it is a new
DS> package. "

That's the document on submitting new packages, yes.  As such, you can
expect that it talks about submitting new packages.

 - J<

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