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Re: readline update?

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> I thought, we banned all non-utf-8 aware packages?

Unfortunately, a lot of that crap went in anyway because some reviewers just
don't care. I agree with you that it's a showstopper. Applications which
don't support UTF-8 WILL NOT WORK properly in Fedora's default locales. Not
even in English. But it's especially apparent in languages actually using
non-ASCII characters (i.e. most non-English languages).

We really need to fix editline to properly support UTF-8, then these
readline licensing issues might also just go away. (Sadly, this
inconsiderate "upgrade" to GPLv3 looks to me like an own goal by the FSF.
They always present readline like a library which is intentionally GPL to
provide an advantage to Free Software and proudly show how some programs
chose the GPL because of readline. Now this license change is actually
going to help editline and thus a BSD-licensed implementation.)

        Kevin Kofler

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