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Re: Time for 2.6.30 in F-11?

CCing #fedora-kernel-list

On 04.07.2009 16:12, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Bojan Smojver wrote:
>> Now that .1 is out, is there anything in particular stopping F-11 from
>> having this kernel?
> And why is F10 still stuck on 2.6.27? 2.6.29 has been in updates-testing for
> ages now.

Good question. Seems the "ship state-of-the-art/nearly latest kernel
versions from kernel.org as regular update for Fedora" worked much
better in the past. Is that for a specific reason or just a side effect
of something (maintainer/responsibly changes maybe?).

And yes, I know it's a lot of work to prepare updates from 2.6.x.y to
2.6.(x+1).y. So thx for that work -- it IMHO is definitely worth it as
it makes people get drivers for new hardware without forcing them to
switch to rawhide.

That, btw and afaics, for quite some people was one of the reasons to
chose Fedora. I for example use Fedora for testing at work mainly
because I got latest kernels on Fedora automatically.


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