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Re: Better ways to format USB disks (file fomats etc)

>> Create a top-level folder on the USB drive that's owned by your userid, then
>> you can create any subfolders that your heart desires.
> This is totally broken if the disk is used on multiple computers.
> Having to maintain same UID-username combinations on the different
> computers is just not good usability.

At least, on all Fedora desktop, the first created user has the same
UID (501) right ? And as most desktops are single user anyway, this is
less trouble than it would seem.

However, fun starts when you plug your HDD in a cyber-café or another
multi-user desktop environment :)

> The way I'd like it to work is that all the files would appear to be
> owned by the user who mounted the disk, regardless of what was stored
> in the filesystem metadata. The rwx permission bits could well be
> applied as usual.

That sure would be great.


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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