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Re: an update to automake-1.11?

On Sun, Jul 05, 2009 at 10:45:46AM -0400, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> What line number changes? You cut a patch against configure, and you're  
> done. That's it.

And you get a big patch containing line numbers.  Here's a single line
change to configure.ac, and the corresponding patch that generates:


Note: I'm not even changing the version of autoconf, because really
what you mean is I have to track down the exact same version of all
autotools that the upstream author used.  If you don't do that, then
you get a _real_ big patch.

> I fail to see any substantive difference between that, and patching any  
> other file in the source tarball. With a subsequent release, you'll still 
> have to rebase your existing patch, if the new release did not fix the  
> original bug.

No you don't - often patches continue to work over versions.  Not in
the case where you're patching a binary of course ...


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