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Possible packages...


So I've been toying with the idea of getting more involved with fedora. Up till now if there has been a bug or other issue, i'll file a bug or simply get the srpm and try to update it to a newer version, or create my own specs / rpms when they don't already exist. Lately I've figured that I should get more involved with some of the packages that I use or anything like that. The packaging guidelines kinda describe entry to the packager group as being done via new packages. I've offered to try to help on some recently orphaned packages. Though that may be more work than just submitting a new package.

So after all that rambling, I'm wondering about the two following pieces of software.

Apple's Calendar Server. It runs using python 2.5 or greater (I've installed it on a F11 machine and it work well). I've started looking at some of its dependancies. 90% of them are in fedora already, and of the ones in F11, only one if I remember correctly isn't at the version it requires). It seems like a great addition to Fedora if you ask me. So basically it would require two new packages, and an update to one other package (libevent) which is a minor version bump it seems if at all needed.

PS3MediaServer. A Java program to talk to a PS3 with DLNA. I'm guessing this one would have problems because it requires ffmpeg or mplayer/mencoder... Plus as a java program its probably a bit more complex to create a proper spec file for. I've made the other kind often enough, but java ones not so much...

Any feedback on either?

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