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Re: Possible packages...

On Jul 5, 2009, at 9:33 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:

Nathanael Noblet wrote:

Apple's Calendar Server. It runs using python 2.5 or greater (I've
installed it on a F11 machine and it work well). I've started looking
at some of its dependancies. 90% of them are in fedora already, and of the ones in F11, only one if I remember correctly isn't at the version
it requires). It seems like a great addition to Fedora if you ask me.
So basically it would require two new packages, and an update to one
other package (libevent) which is a minor version bump it seems if at
all needed.

I'd love to see a calendar server in Fedora, though TBH when I looked at
Apple's long ago it was a bit daunting; it seemed like one of those
cross-platform hacks that is very much -not- nicely integrated with the
OS (I don't remember the details; weird file hierarchies or private
copies of libraries or ...?). Maybe it's better now. But if not, that
may be a hiccup.  But I'd say give it a shot.  I'd help test it.  :)

Well their python run script checks for its dependancies, and if not met will do a svn checkout of the right copy, however, they don't keep copies of the libraries within their own repository. So if you fulfill all its dependancies that shouldn't be an issue. As for data storage and all that I assume the methods they choose to store data aren't part of the review? Plus that is configurable between a few different choices.

FWIW I looked at DAViCal (http://rscds.sourceforge.net/) too and it
seemed like an interesting possibility as well.

Looks interesting, however the last release was well over a year ago it seems. Whereas Apple's CalendarServer is likely to receive more constant development. I guess there is a chance the Apple starts adding some features only available in their commercial version I guess... but I'm not sure if that is relevant either...

So would a good start be attempting to package calendar server for F11 along with verifying its dependancies and then getting someone to review it?

I'm a little curious about the one library that F11 packages (libevent at 1.4.x, where calendar server seems to download a 1.5.x...) Do I repackage libevent as part of my packages to be reviewed? Or simply talk to the maintainer of libevent to see if it can be bumped? On my system the only package that required libevent was something related to nfs... though I guess there could be others but I haven't checked...

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