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Re: Possible packages...

Nathanael Noblet wrote:
> On Jul 5, 2009, at 9:33 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:


> Well their python run script checks for its dependancies, and if not  
> met will do a svn checkout of the right copy, however, they don't keep  
> copies of the libraries within their own repository. So if you fulfill  
> all its dependancies that shouldn't be an issue.

Ah, ok - maybe that was it.

> As for data storage  
> and all that I assume the methods they choose to store data aren't  
> part of the review? Plus that is configurable between a few different  
> choices.

Right, as long as it's not putting it in /apple or something it should
be fine.

>> FWIW I looked at DAViCal (http://rscds.sourceforge.net/) too and it
>> seemed like an interesting possibility as well.
> Looks interesting, however the last release was well over a year ago  
> it seems. Whereas Apple's CalendarServer is likely to receive more  
> constant development. I guess there is a chance the Apple starts  
> adding some features only available in their commercial version I  
> guess... but I'm not sure if that is relevant either...

Ok, if it's stagnant then maybe not such a good  choice.

> So would a good start be attempting to package calendar server for F11  
> along with verifying its dependancies and then getting someone to  
> review it?

Yep, just follow the review guidelines...

> I'm a little curious about the one library that F11 packages (libevent  
> at 1.4.x, where calendar server seems to download a 1.5.x...) Do I  
> repackage libevent as part of my packages to be reviewed? Or simply  
> talk to the maintainer of libevent to see if it can be bumped? On my  
> system the only package that required libevent was something related  
> to nfs... though I guess there could be others but I haven't checked...

Looking at http://monkey.org/~provos/libevent/ there's no mention of
1.5.x on the front page anyway.  Where does it get it?

steved 'Steve Dickson' <steved redhat com> owns libevent, you could talk
w/ him.  Starting w/ rawhide may be easier.


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