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Re: Possible packages...


>>    So I've been toying with the idea of getting more involved with
>> fedora. Up till now if there has been a bug or other issue, i'll file
>> a bug or simply get the srpm and try to update it to a newer version,
>> or create my own specs / rpms when they don't already exist. Lately
>> I've figured that I should get more involved with some of the packages
>> that I use or anything like that. The packaging guidelines kinda
>> describe entry to the packager group as being done via new packages.
>> I've offered to try to help on some recently orphaned packages. Though
>> that may be more work than just submitting a new package.
>> So after all that rambling, I'm wondering about the two following
>> pieces of software.
>> Apple's Calendar Server. It runs using python 2.5 or greater (I've
>> installed it on a F11 machine and it work well). I've started looking
>> at some of its dependancies. 90% of them are in fedora already, and of
>> the ones in F11, only one if I remember correctly isn't at the version
>> it requires). It seems like a great addition to Fedora if you ask me.
>> So basically it would require two new packages, and an update to one
>> other package (libevent) which is a minor version bump it seems if at
>> all needed.
> I'd love to see a calendar server in Fedora, though TBH when I looked at
> Apple's long ago it was a bit daunting; it seemed like one of those
> cross-platform hacks that is very much -not- nicely integrated with the
> OS (I don't remember the details; weird file hierarchies or private
> copies of libraries or ...?).  Maybe it's better now.  But if not, that
> may be a hiccup.  But I'd say give it a shot.  I'd help test it.  :)
> FWIW I looked at DAViCal (http://rscds.sourceforge.net/) too and it
> seemed like an interesting possibility as well.

I was looking for one of these the other day as well :-)

The one I came across was mod_caldav it seems quite simple.


It depends on mod_dav_acl which isn't in Fedora but I got as far as a
few issues with the build and haven't had another chance to have a
look at it.



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