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Re: [RFE] Auto-approve watchcommits and watchbugzilla in Pkgdb

Tom Lane wrote:
> Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov gmail com> writes:
>> Why we should approve manually requests to watching bugzilla and
>> cvs changes for packages? I'm sure we need to change policy in
>> order to automatically approve all such requests.
> Isn't there a security issue there?  I'm not sure I want any random
> person watching every bz or commit I make.

I _think_ watchbugzilla could have security risks, as anyone with that
privilege would see potentially security-sensitive bugs.

I'm not sure I see what issue there would be with watchcommits.
Anyone random person can watch every commit you make right now, they
just have to subscribe to fedora-extras-commits and filter things on
your name.  Generally, I think more people watching every one else's
commits makes for better security.

Of course, I could be missing something that watchcommits grants which
could be a real security risk.  And I'm happy to be enlightened in
that case.

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