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Re: rawhide report: 20090702 changes

Matej Cepl wrote:
Well, I always understood, that documentation which is part of normal package is OK, but source package which contains nothing else than documentation isn't. But then yes we have man-pages. Hmm.

man-pages appears to be misnamed glibc-doc (well, okay, glibc + kernel). If we start drafting guidelines that would exclude /that/, then we have a problem ;-).

I'm on the fence w.r.t. "third-party" books on using Fedora components (e.g. DIP). Beyond that I tend to agree with "don't ship content" except to the extent it is shipped by upstream (e.g. shipping the "official" KDE wallpapers is fine, but unofficial wallpapers should not be shipped).

(And before anyone asks, obviously "Fedora Official" content, e.g. solar-backgrounds is okay also.)

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