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How to properly name a cross-toolchain package?

Hello All!

I plan to add arm-toolchain into Fedora and encountered a difficulty -
how to properly name the package? From what I found in the Internets,
the cross-toolchains *often* named with the following prefix:

<arch>-<vendor>-<operating system>-<libc>-

For example:



However sometimes they named differently (arm-none-eabi-,
arm-uclinuxeabi-, etc). Some cross-compilers already included into
Fedora, and their packages naming schemes are also different - some
examples of prefixes are  arm-gp2x-linux-, avr-, msp430-, spu-
(mingw32 differs from others because it, at least, implies target OS
and libc).

I'm sure, it's time to create unified rules for packaging of
cross-toolchains, but right now I'm asking you for help in proper
naming of it. Should we name it as <arch>-<vendor>-<operating
system>-<libc>-gcc or should we use some other naming schemes? What
values should be used for <vendor> - "fedora" maybe? O should we
simply drop this field ("unknown")?

With best regards!

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