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relicensing of Fedora wiki/docs (OPL => CC BY SA)

This is a policy and licensing change that affects anyone who edits
the wiki or otherwise contributes to Fedora documentation.

The consensus of the Docs Team, with full Legal support, is to
relicense wiki and documentation from the deprecated OPL 1.0 to the CC
BY SA 3.0 license.  This move brings Fedora on to the mainland of free
and open content; tens of millions of pieces of content and media are
licensed under the CC BY SA.

Our goal is to do the switchover in about 2 weeks (22 July).

Because of the larger number of contributors involved (thousands), it
is too much effort to contact each contributor (copyright holder) to
gain permission to relicense.  Instead, we are enacting a clause of
the contributors license agreement that grants the Fedora Project
permission to relicense (sublicense.)

Questions?  Discussion?  First read this:


... then bring your discussion to fedora-devel-list or

Cheers - Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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