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Re: Feature proposal: Extended Life Cycle Support

Ding Yi Chen wrote:

> ----- "John5342" <john5342 googlemail com> wrote:
>> I am not talking about upgrades. I am talking about updates. Most
>> people just run updates when packagekit (or similar) tells them to.
>> In
>> a proper release updates are released together. In Denture they will
>> be updated out of order and from various different releases. As for
>> people rebuilding from srpms etc they represent a minority and it is
>> in any case irrelevant.
> What you said is true, but since what Denture is for unsupported
> released, which is unlikely getting any updated. Your case is not suitable
> for unsupported release.

He was just explaining why packages tend not to have versioned dependencies 
in practice, and still work fine in supported Fedora releases. And you can't 
expect them to be "fixed" to support unsupported releases, those are 
unsupported for a reason.

> Yes I could hit the bump, so are the guys that using source build and
> other distribution which have not yet put Y-1.3 to their repos.

Specfiles are per definition distribution-specific.

> But this can be overcome by a datafile that stores correct version.

Good luck maintaining that monster file!

        Kevin Kofler

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