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Display Configuration test day summary

We've had the first 'Fit and Finish' test day on display configuration
yesterday. I'd like to thank everybody who came by on irc and tested
something, or filed a bug. If you could not make it, our test cases are
still available here:


That page also contains the results of our yesterdays testing efforts,
if you are interested. The good news is that we have already fixed some
of the things that were found broken, and more fixes are on the way.

Here is just one exemplary fix:

* Tue Jul 07 2009 Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com> 2.27.3-2
- gnome-desktop-2.27.3-edid-prop-name.patch: Adapt to RANDR 1.3's new 
  name for the EDID output property.

I'll post the date an topic for our next 'Fit and Finish' test day in
the next few days.


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