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Re: Feature proposal: Extended Life Cycle Support

於 三,2009-07-08 於 11:37 +0200,Kevin Kofler 提到:
> Ding Yi Chen wrote:
> > Tell Denture your constraint and
> > it will build packages if it can; or reasons why it cannot build.
> The word "build" there is another big fail. Users DO NOT WANT to build their 
> packages from source. If they did, they'd all be using Gentoo!

Users with rpm building knowledge can build.
Users came from FreeBSD and Gentoo are familar with build.
Even those ex-Windows users, if there is good GUI that only require you
to click on "Next" or "Ok", they don't mind to build.

*Sign*, well, How about following prompt:

Denture will build the package for you,
however, in order to do so, it will consume cpu time, disk space,
network bandwidth, proceed?  <OK> <Cancel>

Ding-Yi Chen
Software Engineer
Internationalization Group
Red Hat, Inc.

Looking to carve out IT costs?

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