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Re: Font-Size Problem with liberation-fonts

On 09.07.2009 18:16, Yanko Kaneti wrote:
On Thu, 2009-07-09 at 17:55 +0200, Christian Nolte wrote:

currently I am working on a website which should be displayed correctly
on Linux and  Windows using the "Arial"-Font. I've learned that
liberation-fonts are the way to go (because they are metric compatible),
and discovered a problem with a font-size below 12px. The fonts are
rendered with different spaces between the characters independent of the
browser, but seemingly dependent of the OS (so I blame the

I am not quite sure if there are patent restriction or something else,
which prevents liberation-fonts to be exact clones, so it would be nice
if someone of you could tell me if this is expected behaviour, or a bug:

Here are some screenshots of the browsers and OS combinations I have tested:


This is the testbed:

I have only tested this with font-sizes of 12px, 11px and 10px. Below
12px liberation-fonts puts too much spaces between the characters, so
that 10px with liberation-fonts is equal to 11px Arial on Windows.

BTW I am currently using liberation-fonts-1.04-1.fc9.noarch. But the
problem is visible on a F11-box too.

See Bug 503430 - Incorrect Kerning in some applications

Thanks, Yanko for this hint!

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