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Re: Conditionally applying a patch based on a program's EVR

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Am 09.07.2009 21:59, schrieb Alan Dunn:
> I want to conditionally apply a patch in a spec file based upon the
> version of a package. (There's an emacs package that needs a patch to
> work with the latest version of xemacs, but this patch shouldn't be
> applied for previous versions of xemacs.) I know that for checking
> something like Fedora version numbers I can use
> %if 0%{?fedora} > 9
> ...
> %endif
> but is there an easy way to do this for a version number in say, EVR
> form? That is, something like
I assume, that your match may fixed a issue caused by xemacs.

So, I would to prefer, that the user should make a update to the specific
release of xemacs on which the issue doesn't occurs.

You may write someting link

# You need xemacs >= <required release> to
# fix the following issue ...
Requires:    xemacs >= <required release>

Of corse, if the required release may not available on older
distribution, you may embrace the Requires statement into
a condition.

Best Regards:

Jochen Schmitt
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