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Re: Possible packages...

On Monday 06 July 2009 10:49:31 Eric Sandeen wrote:
> Nathanael Noblet wrote:
> > On Jul 5, 2009, at 9:33 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> > Well their python run script checks for its dependancies, and if not  
> > met will do a svn checkout of the right copy, however, they don't keep  
> > copies of the libraries within their own repository. So if you fulfill  
> > all its dependancies that shouldn't be an issue.
> Ah, ok - maybe that was it.

Currently, it looks like it still requires its own builds of a few

Stuff (apparently) not in Fedora:
-PyKerberos (might just be named something slightly different)

Stuff in Fedora, but simply not used for whatever reason:
-vobject (we have python-vobject)

Stuff in Fedora, but still heavily patched for CalendarServer:
-Twisted (the web2 portion, specifically)
-xattr ("requires Bob Ippolito's implementation")

That said, I have it up and running on an F11 host at home right now,
satisfying everything else w/Fedora packages.

> > I'm a little curious about the one library that F11 packages (libevent  
> > at 1.4.x, where calendar server seems to download a 1.5.x...) Do I  
> > repackage libevent as part of my packages to be reviewed? Or simply  
> > talk to the maintainer of libevent to see if it can be bumped? On my  
> > system the only package that required libevent was something related  
> > to nfs... though I guess there could be others but I haven't checked...
> Looking at http://monkey.org/~provos/libevent/ there's no mention of
> 1.5.x on the front page anyway.  Where does it get it?

Fedora 11 has libevent 1.4.5. The calendarserver auto-build script
tries to build 1.4.8. If you install libevent 1.4.11 from rawhide, its
perfectly happy with that.

Jarod Wilson
jarod redhat com

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