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non-blocking dbus server

in our project ABRT we use DBUS for communication between ABRT daemon and client (gui), the problem is that when I ask daemon to do some time-consuming work the server is blocked until the work is done. So I want to use threads and that's where I found the catch.

Here is my idea:
1. client calls remote method foo() over dbus
2. daemon receives the call, creates the thread and let it do the work in background and serve other requests
3. when the work is finished send reply to the client
- this is the part where I'm stuck, because I want to send the reply as return message to the matching method call, but the method call already returned when I started the thread. (So far I can achieve this by sending signal with return value as an argument, but I don't think this is a good solution).

I use dbus-c++, so maybe the answer is in some low-level DBUS API.

Thanks for any help,
fn:Jiri Moskovcak
email;internet:jmoskovc redhat com

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